The Iconic Hobart venue that is Knopwoods Retreat will be closing its doors for the last time on Friday 11th of December 2015.

We invite all of you that have been a part of the Knopwoods tradition, that have helped create this institutions’ colorful past to come and have the last drink with us.  What ever your story may be whether it’s a pash in the corner booth, meeting your ever lasting love, a vomit in the toilet, a shot at the bar, a beer out the front (in or not in the cage) putting graffiti on the toilet walls, peeing in or on the old urinal, borrowing some change from Reverend Knopwoods death mask, stealing the brass chickens from the fire place leaving only the feet, having a Guinness or just catching up with a mate, we ask you to come and drink with us on December 11th 2015 so we can give Knoppies and the stories behind it the farewell it deserves.

THE LAST DRINK - 11/12/15

Every Day...

Hobart’s hub of activity revolves around the distinctive Salamanca Place, and smack bang right amongst the action you’ll find the much loved watering hole Knopwoods Retreat, a Hobart institution since Adam was a boy (or to not be discriminatory of gender, Eve was a girl).

Named after the colourful Reverend “Bobby” Knopwood, known for his love of a tipple as well as a fine woman, “Knoppies” as it’s fondly referred to still retains its historic charm and traditional pub atmosphere. 

The jolly chef creates an ever-changing Tasmanian–produce inspired lunch menu, along with a couple of staples that would result in the lashings Reverend Knopwood dished out back in the day should they be removed from the menu.  

And if beer’s your thing (you are at a pub after all) then make a connoisseur of yourself – with local and international beers on 14 taps, there’s reason for once to be indecisive…just this once.  Watching the carbs, or beer not your thing (heaven forbid)? well we also pour some great wines… and cider, yes we have cider a-plenty.

But wait there's more… just to be different (we don’t like to be the same as everyone else, that’s just boring) - in Winter we don the lederhosen (well in our heads anyway) and serve up the yummy warming gluhwein, then we salsa our way into Summer (again in our heads only) and concoct a refreshing sangria that’s bound to have you yelling “Salud!”

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